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Working together
to shape the
insurance market of tomorrow

EcoHub is the online platform for all those active in the Swiss insurance, pension and broker industry. It’s a simple way to manage and gain access to the industry’s key services – and to play a part in shaping its future.

Our vision: for EcoHub to be a central platform for the Swiss insurance, pension and broker industry where you can actively influence services as part of the community

At present, EcoHub offers fundamental IG B2B services, or essentials, to ensure straightforward communication and a secure data exchange between brokers and insurers. The aim is to harness the collective input of all those involved to rapidly advance the platform’s services, use and ongoing development. By creating an open community, and a marketplace for third-party services in the subsequent development phase, we are building a solid basis to achieve our mission.

Why EcoHub?

The digitalisation of the Swiss insurance market offers tremendous opportunities for everyone involved. But it doesn’t come without risk. A lack of resources and knowledge can slow down the process, and the investment risk is high for individual companies. EcoHub allows us to consolidate the industry’s strengths and to march together, as equal partners, towards a digital future.

Everyone can benefit:

For insurers

Easily incorporate existing, field-tested digital services into your business while devoting your attention to what really matters (e.g. the development of new products and services, client care or marketing).

For brokers

EcoHub offers access to a wide range of digital services that are constantly being refined. These services can be integrated into your current processes quickly, easily and at a reasonable cost.

For software manufacturers

On EcoHub, you’ll become part of an effective digital ecosystem where you can develop your own solutions further and offer them to the market. EcoHub also facilitates access to your clients, allowing you to reach a wider audience through just one platform.

EcoHub’s four areas

Essentials (currently on EcoHub)

Services that are offered to everyone on the platform by IG B2B. This includes existing services such as IAM, SSO and DXP, which are constantly being expanded and updated.


EcoHub is based on the tried-and-tested, scalable Microsoft Azure cloud technology. Our infrastructure sets standards that allow for a simple integration and use of services and thus deliver a continuous boost to the digitalisation of the industry.


EcoHub lets industry members take advantage of synergies, learn from each other and exchange ideas. The platform allows optimum cooperation between all those active on the market.


Services that are offered to the market, i.e. brokers, insurers and software manufacturers. All these services are compatible with each other and meet the relevant needs of the insurance sector.

Who is behind EcoHub?

IG B2B for Insurers + Brokers

The IG B2B for Insurers + Brokers association has been working for several years to forge links between the interests of insurers, brokers and software manufacturers, focusing on the digitalisation of business processes. As a neutral, non-profit organisation, IG B2B is offering the industry access to EcoHub and both overseeing and further developing the platform.


The platform’s patrons support the development and operation of EcoHub by providing both personnel and financial resources. They secure the long-term implementation and progression of the platform.


The partners ensure the financing of EcoHub in the start-up and expansion phase.

Would you like to support EcoHub as a patron or a partner? Then get in touch by sending an e-mail to IG B2B.

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